Monday, 26 March 2012

Mac Keyboard hidden keys.

Using my bluetooth keyboard an my new iPad the other day I discovered there were many other keys available wen depressing the alt key. Checking on Macbook I see this is also the case with its keyboard.

So here are a couple of maps that show all these possibilities

The following layout is for the bluetooth keyboard. Note this is an OEM (Othere Equipment Manufacturer) type sometimes know as a CCC (Cheap Chinese Clone) and not the official Apple one. Works fine though. I believe it is US type layout as there is only a $ sign and no £ sign, but that can be typed by shift 3 as shown).



Thursday, 22 March 2012

Adding photo using Blogger+

Trying to add photo with Blogger+

Like a lot of things, easy when you know how. The 'how' Is that Blogger+ first screen is where you choose photos and text blocks, multiple blocks of each if you wish, which can be ordered as required.

You can also add maps, YouTube, links but I have yet to try these.

This is one of my favourite photos. It is a pine weevil, photographed in Scotland.

Adding photo on Blogger from iPad using BlogPress

This is a test as I have recently experienced problems preparing blogger entries on my iPad. I am using BlogPress which allows native HTML and has neat photo feature.

This photo chosen as it is a smallish jpg.

Previously a photo failed to load, I am guessing it may have been to large. I had assumed BlogPress would reduce it. Well let's put theory to the test with a larger photo.

Well it worked but took a long time to upload the second large photo. So it looks like it is better to reduce photo first, say with photo App such as PhotoGene.

Final test, portrait direct from iPad camera. Here goes

Well appears to have worked but I cannot reduce size to match the other two.