Wednesday, 20 October 2010

WPD Web Page Developer Get Started Hint

I bought this App in the normal way but just could not get it to open any HTML files so I emailed support and they quickly replied with solution. Here is a copy in case it is useful for others.


Ok follow these steps,

Step 1, Tap the File button
Step 2, Tap the Open button
Step 3, Tap the file you wish to open
Step 4, Tap the button at the bottom right


Thanks, that worked 1st time. I thought the button on the bottom right looked like it was for creating a new folder.

I can now get going. App looks good but yet to use it properly. Cost £2.99

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

How to change Pages background.

I am getting to grips with Apple's Pages for the iPad, I cycle through a love hate relationship continuously. My last hate session was when I decided to change a document background.

I checked the standard help procedures and as normal with Pages (and Numbers) I find best approach is to prod and swipe until you have worked out your way back to love relationship. This is what I discovered.

Changing Pages Background

Click on the spanner icon which is top right.
Select Document Setup.

Click on the rectangle using one of the colour fill options which can be modified later if you wish.

Drag the edges so that the rectangle fills the screen.
Optionally you can click the small i button, top right, to fine tune colour and/or add margin.

When finished click Done.

Text background.

To create paragraph background click photo icon and add required shape which can be customised by selecting Style Options.

Then click inside shape and type as normal. Adjust size as appropriate.

PDF Version

Click on following link to see PDF version and example. Pages Example

Posting Image from flickr using the flickr blogger interface

IMG_0790 Amethyst Deceiver - Laccaria amethystina West Runton Woods Norfolk 20-09-2010

Yet another test of posting a flickr photo using my iPad. This time I used the blogger tool from within flickr, so saving me from having to select, copy, paste and a lot of hastle.

Test to see if I can embed flickr photo into blogger using iPad.

I know I can embed Picasa photos, so this is an attempt to embed flickr photo. The following should be a photo of a Parasol Mushroom.

IMG_0819 Parasol Mushroom - Macrolepiota procera - North Norfolk Coast 20-09-2010

Hey presto I can!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Special keys

Whilst on the subject of keyboards I thought I would do an exhaustive list of what happens when you hold down a key on the on screen keyboard. If no reference to a particular key appears in the list below it is because nothing happens. I have donenthis test in same qwerty order of keyboard.

From WebImages

Standard layout

wŵ eëéèêēęè yÿŷ úüûù íïîìįī oóöôòºøõœō aàáâäæãåāª sśßš lł zžźż cćçč nńñ ,' .

  1. The upper quotation mark can be achieved by just holding coma for a second, no need to move finger
  2. As I am not multi-lingual but have mathematical interests the short cuts particulalrly interesting to me are îºøâß

Upper case set by double clicking shift key


Numbers select ie 123 button

-—• £₩$€¥ &§ .… ?¿ !¡ '‘’ "«»“”„

Symbols #+= key

%‰ .… ?¿ !¡ '‘’ "«»”“„


  1. Bottom line of numbers and symbols key boards are the same.
  2. Some keys eg quote keys switch you back into alphabetic keyboard after they are pressed.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cheap USB Keyboard

USB Keyboard

From WebImages

If you already have the Apple iPad Camera Connector kit then you can also attach via the USB connector normal none Apple keyboards. When you make initial connection an error message is displayed saying incompatible device, but I just dismiss this message and it appears to work OK.

From WebImages

I am testing the £7 USB keyboard which is labeled by typing all of the available keys.

From WebImages

Testing USB Keyboard

Special keys

This keyboard has along the top special keys for
Volume increase -> works increasing sound
Volume decrease -> works decreasing sound
Volume mute -> works
Then three CD skip type controls that all start ipod and function as they should.
Square symbol -> appears to do nothing
Email symbol -> appears to do nothing
Search symbol -> starts iPad search program
Home symbol -> starts 1st Apps screen (ie Home screen)

Normal keys

Following keys work as following

No second key held

Capslock on


Shift key held


CTRL Key held

I causes a tab indentation

Note upper key marked hash displays as £
CTRL F causes a line feed
CTRL H is a backwards delete
CTRL J causes a line feed
CTRL B causes a single back movement
CTRL M causes a line feed

ALT Key held



The Del key acts like a Back Space
CTL + Up Arrow moves cursor to top of document
CTL + Down Arrow moves cursor to bottom of document
CTL + Right Arrow moves cursor to end of line
CTL + Left Arrow moves cursor to start of line
If the above CTL + Arrow is done whilst holding shift then the included text is selected. By tapping one of the selection spheres copy etc can be done.
ALT + Right Arrow moves cursor to end of next word
ALT + Left Arrow moves cursor to start of previous word
Sometimes the above moves to end and start of line as with CTL but not sure why

Unlike standard screen keyboard holding down key does not bring up options it just repeats characters.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Why you should buy 3G model - GPS


As I mentioned in my first post I decided to buy my iPad after seeing my son-in-laws's model. However initially I thought I had no need for a 3G model having been retired now for 10 years.

Luckily I spotted that a GPS chip was included in the 3G models and there were several navigational Apps that use this. Before buying iPad I visited local Apple store to confirm my understanding, which they did but not with complete accuracy.

Basically the GPS feature will provide an accuracy of location to 5 to 10 meters. Although the GPS is only in the 3G models, you do not need to have the 3G active for it to work. This means that you do not need to pay for any service to use it. In the various specifications reference is made to the cellular assisted GPS. This I think makes the GPS fix quicker especially in areas with poor sky visibility.


These are the Apps I currently use. Prices quoted as of 8th Oct 2010.

MotionX GPS HD ($2.99 £1.79)

Very impressed with this App.

I download relevant maps for free before setting off on travels and when off for a walk, take waypoint of starting point, useful if you want to return to start, start tracking recorder, put iPad in back pack and set off. You can set waypoints before you start but I do not normally do this. When I need to know where I am and where I want to be, take out the iPad and this app will show me where I am to within a few feet, give me compass readings and show me where I have been etc.

Works in the car as well!

The journey is tracked and recorded with trail marked on map and statistics of distance, speed, climbs and descents displayed. This can be presented to other GPS applications but I have yet to get into this.

These are just a couple of screen grabs from the many available.

From WebImages

From WebImages

Navfree UK & ROI (free)

This I think is a reletavilely new app. It provides SatNav for the iPad, including voice directions. Set your destination, make your journey choices (quickest or shortest or easiest etc) and it will plan the journey for you. And it si all FREE, including the maps.

From WebImages

From WebImages

GB Road Atlas 250k - Route Buddy (free)

Another recent free app. This is an online version of the GB OS Road Map. Basically all that your road atlas provides with added advantage of a moving indicator of your current position.

From WebImages

From WebImages

OS Grid to GPS Coordinate Converter (free)

Finally another free app, yes you've guessed it I am basically tight! This app simply takes a Longitude and Latitude reading and converts it into an OS (Ordnance Survey) grid reference. It will also do the same in reverse. The address can be

  1. Entered via keyboard
  2. Pasted
  3. App will use current position


This post entirely prepared on ipad, including all photos taken by screen copies and edited in iPad and uploaded to Picasa Web Album, all performed on iPad.

Next post about how to add keyboard for just a few pounds (dollars) assuming you have Camera Connection kit

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Introduction and test post

For years (and years) I have been a windows user for 99% of my computing needs. I have always had an experimental Linux system or two and although impressed by it's gradual improvements always put it to one side when I had to get on with some work.

Then I bought an iPod Touch and was really taken by it's interface, use and never ending cheap or free Apps. It still is always with me and will be so until I buy an iPhone next summer when my current mobile contract is up for renewal.

I was interested in the iPad, noticed the critics said it was a mistake and also noticed it was selling in the millions. When my son-in-law bought one (well he is a mad ad man) I had my first hands-on and within three days I had purchased my own. Granddaughter told me off for copying her Dad but this did not stop her drawing on my iPad when she visited the other day.

So I will record my experiences here so that I have a record for myself and may even be useful for others.

Note I hope to write this blog completely on my iPad. If for any reason this is not possible I will identify what had to be done in Windows and why.

My next post will be why you should only ever buy a 3G model, and this is not just because you can get your Internet hit on the road.

Oh by the way I have just sold my test desktop PC and now do not have a Linux, going from most open to most proprietary in one step. Still have Windows 7 desktop and laptop but I am beginning to lust after a Macbook.