Friday, 5 October 2012

*ION KEY49 Midi Keyboard USB Connection

*ION KEY49 Keyboard with iPad

On recent shopping trip I popped into local Maplin Store and purchased a Midi *ION KEY49 Midi Keyboard for £70. When I got home I connected to it into my MacBook via supplied USB cable, started up Garage Band, and hey presto, now have music. Well noise really as I have yet to learn how to play.

Since then I added a Sustain Pedal, purchased from Amazon for just under £10 including delivery. I opted for one with polarity switch, and this also works fine.

Then I connected it to my iPad(3) via Camera Connection Kit, and hey presto again, works fine. Amazing amount of instruments to play with, but I want to concentrate on learning basic piano first.

I was particularly pleased to discover the keys were touch sensitive as this was not mentioned on the box. Also there is an Up and Down button to shift the 49 keys up one octave, or two if you push it a second time, and down one or two octaves.

All the keys can be used to control mdi input, with a couple of other features but as yet I have no experience of midi.

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