Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Using MacBook Pro as attached Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.

Using MacBook Pro as attached Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad.


I use my MacBook Pro 13" together with iPad a lot of the time. For example I may have Safari running on iPad with information on how to perform some task, say adding vignetting to PhotoShop Elements, and on the Mac have PSE open so that I can perform instructions.

I have a Bluetooth Keyboard which I use on iPad when I go away for a few days and do not take my MacBook. This got me to thinking that it would be great if I could use MacBook Keyboard in similar way. Sure enough, "There's an App for that!. Only this time it is a MAC APP, available in the Mac Store for £2.99 (Oct. 2012).


Although the name refers to phone, it supports many IOS devices and so far I have used it with my 3rd. Gen. iPad. Look it up in the App Store here Type2Phone App Store.

Setting Up

I found it a bit tricky to make the bluetooth connect for the first time, but here is how I did it in the end.

  1. Quit Type2Phone on Mac.
  2. Connecting Mac to iPad via Bluetooth using iPad settings.
  3. The forgetting connection.
  4. Start Type2Phone on Mac

and this time connection procedures worked.


I opened Notes on my iPad and typed away on MacBook and it appeared perfectly on my iPad. There is a small window on the Mac which shows you the last few keystrokes but I found it easier just glance now and again at the iPad.

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