Saturday, 6 October 2012

Use Note App to copy from Mac to iPad or iPhone

Typical scenario for me. I m using iPad to build a blog with Blogger+ App and I wanted to reset all my HTML to left border.

Now I use the iPad Keyboard Shortcuts to expand HTML but I had not built the one for this on iPad. Not worry as on my MacBook I use a Mac App called Dash to do the same role. So

  1. Pop over to Mac

  2. Start Note on Mac

  3. Type in short name which automatically expands HTML on Note

  4. Pop back to iPad

  5. Open Note in iPad and sure enough there is the new note via iCloud

  6. Copy expanded HTML

  7. Open Settings and build new Keyboard Shortcut

Note I am running MacBook 2011 with Mountain Lion and iPad(3) with IOS 6.

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